For the past 3 years FASA has taken the strategic step to move away from standardised automation equipment and work on customised equipment with the following characteristics...

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Continuously achieve new technological breakthroughs and innovations to provide better systems and solutions to customers while cutting down costs.

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Many new designs were successfully developed with applications in cutting-edge technologies and products, including biomedical, automotive and vision applications.


Successfully developed and commissioned a series of equipments for hard-disk media industry after successfully achieving compliance to Clean Room Class 10 and stringent SOP 39 standards.

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FA Systems go into global networking to establish its business in global market. Clean-room facility for test, fabricate and built clean room Class100 and Class 10 equipment.


FA Systems focused on manufacturing of equipments for the Photonics, Semiconductors, Electronics and Medical Industries.

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The business of FA Systems is further boosted with funding from new investors with market networking.

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FA Systems expanded its facility by moving to its present location in order to better service its expanding customer base.

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FA Systems began providing a full range of automation solutions for multinational companies (MNCs).

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The partnership expanded and strengthened its business by providing in-house machining services.

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