About FA Systems
Vision / Mission
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Unique Strengths
Established in 1988, FA Systems Automation is a progressive and well-established organization providing advanced, high-precision manufacturing automation equipment and solutions to meet our customers’ requirements.

We provide full turnkey manufacturing systems and solutions, which are customized to meet our customers’ demanding specifications:
System Design and Development
   – In-house Mechanical and Electrical Design, Software and Vision Development;
Precision Machining
High-precision Assembly and Integratio Quality Assurance; and
Testing and commissioning.
Our Customers and end-users are located globally and include some of the world’s leading organizations in the most advanced technologies enabling today’s information age:
Hard disk/ media,
LCD Glass Substrate (G6/G7/G8) Inspection
Contract manufacturing,
Environmental (CRT Re-Cycling), and Other
Today, FA Systems Automation has a proven track record of more than two decades and has gained the trust and confidence of our customers by consistently and successfully meeting their demands by providing:
Innovative & elegant solutions to challenging problems,
User-friendly features – simple to use & maintain,
Quality and Reliability,
Very Quick Turn-around & On-time delivery,
Competitive pricing,
Outstanding after-sales support & service.
Our equipment design and system integration concepts and methodologies incorporate cost-effective and leading-edge technologies to achieve ease of user operation and maintenance, reliability and safety.



FASA partners with its customers for the long-term so they can get the maximum returns from their investment in automation. FASA offers a wide portfolio of upgrades and enhancements to boost throughput, increase yield and uptime and fulfill new requirements and market demands. These upgrades are developed by incorporating the latest and current technologies to overcome the usual equipment life-cycle that erodes productivity, and provide highly cost effective solutions to our customers as alternatives to new equipment purchase.


FASA upgrades provide improved performance and additional capabilities through a comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software upgrades for our own equipment as well as third party equipment. Our upgrade services also include remanufactured products that conform to the same manufacturing standards as new FASA equipment. Each remanufactured tool conforms to original specifications, meets applicable safety standards, and comes with the same high service levels. This is made possible by FASA teams who possess the knowledge, depth of experience and dedication to make it happen.