Data Storage

FA systems’ latest venture in the data storage industry is the Solid State Drive (SSD). Our proven track record provides expert manufacturing solutions to meet the fast growing demand of SSD in the market.  


The constant changes in consumer behaviour have offered a number of challenges and opportunities for electronics manufacturers. FA systems provides full turnkey manufacturing systems and custom process solutions for the electronics industry.


We have designed and built systems that automates the production, testing and inspections of critical automobiles components.


With over a decade of experience in providing manufacturing solution in the semiconductor industry, we have developed a wide range of technology to cater to your every manufacturing requirements.

Life Science

Our resources and expertise in both design and manufacturing provides healthcare related manufacturing companies the opportunity to develop high quality products and devices that meets FDA requirements.

Clean Energy

Power generation is a leading cause of air pollution globally. Renewable energy resources like wind, water and solar power generate electricity with little or no pollution and global warming emissions and at the same time could reliably and affordably provide a large portion of our needed electricity.