Clean Energy

Power generation is a leading cause of air pollution globally. Renewable energy resources like wind, water and solar power generate electricity with little or no pollution are reliably available and affordably provide a large portion of our needed electricity.

FASA has been constantly seeking new technological breakthroughs and innovations over the years to provide better systems and solutions to customers while cutting down costs. We have conceived, developed, designed, and successfully realized the next-generation Silicon Ingot Wire-Saw Equipment, which is used in the Solar Industry for slicing of ingots into wafers. The result is a brand new system that can slice silicon ingots into ultra-thin wafers so as to significantly reduce the total cost of solar photovoltaic (PV) panel manufacturing

- Makes use of Diamond Wire!
- Technology Leap: Overcomes key limitations of existing Slurry-based Slicing Systems!
- Green Technology: Cleaner & Faster Process; Complex Slurry Management Equipment not required!
- Fastest to ROI


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